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7thEuropean Nanotechnology Congress which is going to be held during November 27-28, 2019 at Madrid, Spain. Euro Nanotechnology 2019 conference gathers renowned scientists, physicians, surgeons, young researchers, industrial delegates and talented student communities in the field of nanotechnology . Under a single roof networking and global partnering happens for the acceleration of future research. The get-together hurls light on intriguing subjects and late research in the field of nanotechnology like nanofabrication,nano toxicology, nano medicine, nano engineering, molecular engineering, nano biotechnology, nano electronics, cancer nanotechnology, nano mechanics, graphenes, green nanotechnology, nano photonics, cosmetics, defence and security, industrial nanotechnology, nano pharmaceuticals, nano engineering, advanced nanomaterials, applications of nanotechnology and some more. The masterminding board is getting ready for a stimulating and instructive social affair program including whole locations, symposia, and workshops on a grouping of subjects, spot presentations and diverse undertakings for individuals from wherever all through the world. We invite you to join this 7thEuropean Nanotechnology Congress which is scheduled during November 27-28 in Madrid, Spain. Where you are sure to have a critical contribution with specialists from around the world.

Global Meeting On Materials Science & Nanotechnology, Dubai, UAE April 14, 2019

Materials Science and Engineering is an acclaimed logical train, extending in late decades to encompass polymers, earthenware production, glass, composite materials and biomaterials. Materials science and building, includes the revelation and plan of new materials. A considerable lot of the most squeezing logical issues people as of now face are because of the constraints of the materials that are accessible and, subsequently, real achievements in materials science are probably going to influence the eventual fate of innovation fundamentally. Meetings International proudly announces theGlobal Meeting On Materials Science & Nanotechnology. With a theme of “Effect of Material Science in our daily life and its advancement". The conference provides a Global Platform for Materials Science, Ceramic, Metallurgy, Chemical, Pharma, Biotech, Medical and Professionals to Exchange Ideas, Knowledge and Networking at its 100+ International Conferences.